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Empowerment Starts Here

Mar 6, 2018

This episode is based on a song entitled Two Times written and performed by the informant (Jerry B Seus).

In the case segment of the episode, the listener will hear Jerry B talk about his writing process; about his emotional life and the gender bias he believes society holds about emotions; and about the role of failure as necessary for succeeding.

Of course there is more to the conversation than just the case.  Jerry B tells us about what’s going on in his current life (graduation, a football scholarship and his upcoming military career).  He talks about intrapersonal power as being the most challenging in terms of taking advantage of second-chance learning.  And, he talks about being a man of faith and how getting baptized a second time around was a personal decision.

In the close out of the show, the host connects Jerry B’s discussion on emotions to memory and talks about the role of emotions and metacognition in the learning process.

To access resources mentioned in this episode and more highlights of the conversation, please visit the show notes.